692.  ZABOROWSKI, Franciszek, 40, from Zajaczkow, near Ciepielow, and Radom 

He was killed in January 1943 by the military police from Ciepielow, together with the Wolowiec family, for sheltering Jews.  (see 668-673) 

693.  ZAGANCZYK, Jan, living in Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov. 

Killed on June 28, 1943 with other Cisie peasants for help given to Jews (see: 9)

694. ZAGORSKI, Piotr, farmer from Kozlowek, near Strzyzow, Rzeszow prov.
Gendarmes shot him with others in June of 1943 at Markuszowa, for help to Jews hiding in the nearby forest (see:426)

695. ZAJAC, Franciszek, from Wola Skrzydlanska, near Limanowa, Nowy Sacz

He was sent to Dachau , where he died, for sheltering a Jewess, also killed.

696. ZAJAC, Ludwik, living in Cisie, near Ceglow. Siedlce prov.

He was killed on June 28, 1943 with others for help to Jews.  (see: 9)

697. ZAJDEL, Karolina, living in Nadolno, near Krosno

Arrested at the end of 1944 by the gendarmes she was murdered in the Dukla prison.  The Jew sheltered by her was killed while he tried to escape

698. ZEBALA, Mr. from Posadza near Koniusza, Cracow prov.

He was shot in a group of 8 Poles on June 22, 1943 in Posadza for sheltering Jews (see: 399-400)

699. ZIELINSKI, Mrs., wife of an industrialist from Lvov,

Arrested in the fall of 1942 for sheltering a Jew, also an industrialist.  She died in Majdanek 

700. ZIELINSKI, Rozalia, 35, farmer, from Gumniska, near Debica, Tarnow prov.

The gendarmes shot her on July 17, 1943 for sheltering Samuel Wind, a tailor

701. ZELICHOWSKI, Janina, from Warsaw

Arrested on Dec. 2, 1943 together with her sisters Anna Rycerz and Jadwiga Sledz, and with Helena Sledz, a relative of Jadwiga, for helping Jews; all four were put in the Pawiak prison and were shot in the ruins of the ghetto on Dec. 10, 1943 (see: 607)

702. ZMUDA, Katarzyna, 40, from Posadza near Koniusza, Cracow prov.
703. ZMUDA, Teresa, 18, daughter
704. ZMUDA, Zdzislaw, 10, son

They were all shot on June 22, 1943 in Posadza in a group of 8 Poles for sheltering Jews  (see: 399-400)