628..  WACH, Tomasz, 41, farmer, from Brzoza Krolewska, near Lezajsk, Rzeszów prov.

Shot on Mar. 28, 1943 by gendarmes from Lezajsk, for cooperation in sheltering Jews for several    months.  The Jews were also killed (see: 275-276)

629.. WALC, Jan, 45, farmer, from Przewrotne near Glogów Malopolski, Rzeszów prov.

Killed on Mar. 13, 1943 with ca  30 people for sheltering Jews in the village (see: 49-51)

630.. WALCZEWSKI, Wieslaw, living at Broszkow, near Kotun, Siedlce prov.

Arrested on June 28, 1943, at Cisie - the village was "pacified" for help given by its inhabitants to Jews; put in the Pawiak jail in Warsaw, and shot there on Jan. 13, 1944.

631.. WANDERSMAN, Pawel, living at Wierzbica, near Kozlow, Kielce prov.
632.. WANDERSMAN, his sister

Shot in December 1943, together with Pawel Rygiel and his family forsheltering Jews (see: 533-535)

633.. WANOSKA, Franciszek, 18, farmer from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.

Killed with 29 people on Mar. 13, 1943, for sheltering Jews (see: 49-50).

634.. WAWRZONEK, Maria, 39, from Jastrzabka Stara, near Debica, Tarnow prov.

Shot in December 1943 by Gestapo from Debica, for sheltering Jews

635.  WASOWSKI, Jan, railway worker, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
636.  WASOWSKI, Aleksandra, his wife
637.  WASOWSKI, Mieczyslaw, her son

Killed on June 28, 1943 at Ceglow with 24 villagers from Cisie, for sheltering Jews (see: 9)

638.. WDOWIAK, Benedykt, 58, farmer, living at Swiesielice, Radom prov.
639.. WDOWIAK, Aleksandra, 17, his daughter
640.. WDOWIAK, Marianna, 94, Benedykt's mother
Murdered on Dec. 7, 1942 with a group of 14 people by gendarmes from Ciepielow, for help rendered to  Jews (see: 84)

641.. WEGLINSKI, Marcin, 61, farmer, living at Katy, near Nisko, Tarnobrzeg prov.

Shot by the Gestapo on Sep. 12, 1942, together with Lejzor Graf whom he sheltered

642.. WEZOWICZ, Wiktoria, living at Szarwark, near Dabrowa Tarnowska , Tarnow prov.

Killed on July 5, 1943 with her daughter, Teresa Mendala and her family for helping Jews (see: 376-379)

643. WIERZBA, Jan, 43, farmer, living at Pawlowice, near Michalów, Kielce prov.

Sheltered in his house five (5) Jews named Kopel; in February 1942 he was detained with (two) 2 of them. Sent to Majdanek, then to Auschwitz, he was killed there

644.  WIERZBANOWSKI, Maria, living at Posadza, near Koniusza, Cracow prov.
645.. WIERZBANOWSKI, Stanislaw

Killed on June 22, 1943, for aiding Jews. Teofil Nowak with his daughter, Zebala, and Katarzyna Zmuda with her children were also killed; (see: 399-400)

646.  WIERZBICKI, Stanislaw, living at Tomaszowice, near Jastkow, Lublin prov.

Shot by military police on Feb. 28, 1944; after being expelled from Poland's Western lands, he stayed with Leonard Pietrak's family; killed for sheltering Jews (see: 461-463)

647.  WIECKIEWICZ, Leon, priest, living in Warsaw

Arrested on Dec. 3, 1943 for his part in helping Jewish people, perished on Aug. 4, 1944 in Gross-Rosen camp

648.. WIKTORZAK, Aleksandra, 63, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.

Shot by the SS on Feb. 24, 1943 at Paulinow, with 13 other people, victims of a Nazi provocation (see: 14)

649.. WILCZAK, Zofia, living at Wysoka, Rzeszow prov.
Shot in the spring of 1944, with her father -in-law for sheltering Jews

650. WILK, Franciszek, 41, from Wysoka, Rzeszow prov 
651. WILK, Jan, 24
652. WILK, Jozef, 30

Killed in a mass execution on Mar. 13, 1943 for sheltering Jews  (see: 49-51)

653.  WILK, Jozef, living in Warsaw

Fell on Apr. 19, 1943, while fighting with a detachment of the Home Army (AK) near the ghetto wall on Bonifraterska Street, attempting to blast a hole in the wall

654.  WILK, Katarzyna, 52, from Wierzbno, near Koniusza, Cracow prov.
655.  WILK, Mieczyslaw, soldier in the Peasant Battalions (B.Ch.)
656.  WILK, Stanislaw, 46

Shot on Feb. 18, 1943 at Wierzbno for sheltering Jews

657.  WITEK, Jan, 21, worker from Celestynow, near Otwock, Warsaw prov.

Shot in July or August 1942 with his friend Henryk Popis because he sheltered Jews  (see: 479) 
658.  WLODARCZYK, Roman, living in Lublin

Sentenced to death on Dec. 23, 1943 for "sheltering and conspiring with Jews", by the Standgericht of Lublin.  The public notice was issued on Nov, 23, 1943

659.  WODA, Kasper, People's Movement ("Ruch Ludowy") activist, from      Gruszawa, near Miechow, Cracow prov.

Arrested for sheltering Jews in November 1943, sent to Auschwitz, died there

660.  WOJEWODKA, Ignacy, 50, farmer from Swiesielice, Radom prov.
661.  WOJEWODKA, Marianna, 45, farmer, his wife
662.  WOJEWODKA, Waclaw, 21, farmer, son
663.  WOJEWODKA, Jan, 18, farmer, son
664.  WOJEWODKA, Stanislaw, 12, son
665.  WOJEWODKA, Jozef, 7, son

Murdered by the gendarmes from Ciepielow, on Dec. 7, 1942, in a group of 14 people, for help rendered to Jews  (see: 84)

666.  WOLSKI, Jan, living at Gniewoszow, Radom prov. 

Shot in August 1943 with Jan Suchecki for hiding several Jews, fugitives from the local camp. The Jews were warned and escaped  (see: 587)

667.  * WOLSKI, Mieczyslaw, living in Warsaw

With his family he built an underground shelter in his backyard on 
Grojecka Street.  Here from 1942 he gave refuge to 34 Jews, including the well-known historian Emanuel Ringelblum, with wife and son.  The shelter was denounced to Germans on Mar. 7, 1944.  Wolski, his nephew, Janusz Wysocki and all the fugitives were taken to Pawiak prison.  All the Jews were shot soon in the ghetto ruins, while no trace of the Poles was ever found.  Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among Nations"  (see: 690)

668.  WOLOWIEC, Gabriel, farmer from Zajaczkow, near Ciepielow, Radom prov.
669.  WOLOWIEC, Stanislawa, his wife
670.  WOLOWIEC, Bronislawa, daughter
671.  WOLOWIEC, Janina, daughter
672.  WOLOWIEC, Leokadia, daughter
673.  WOLOWIEC, Kazimiera, daughter

The military police from Ciepielow killed all members of the family in January 1943, for helping Jews in hiding.  Gabriel was arrested and executed earlier.  The daughters were aged 3 to 12.  With them were shot: Jozef Jelonek, and the handicapped servant Franciszek Zaborowski.  (see: 188, 692)

674. WOLOWSKI, Marta, nun, Slonim (incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)

Killed in 1941 in the Immaculate Conception Convent in Slonim, together  with the Mother Superior, Ewa Noyszewska, for sheltering Jews  (see: 404)

675. WOZNIAK, Franciszek, from Pawlow, near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Cracow pr.

Murdered with Michal Wojcik by the gendarmes in the spring of 1943 for  sheltering Jews and helping them to escape by crossing the river (see: 679).

676. WOZNIAK, Marian, from Minsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce prov.

Killed in May 1944 for sheltering and helping Jews

677. WOJCICKI, Wladyslaw, from Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.

Killed at Ceglow on June 28, 1943, in a group execution at Cisie, for sheltering Jews (see: 9).

678. WOJCIK, Maria, farmer, from Radgoszcz, near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Cracow prov.

Shot by the German gendarmes at Radgoszcz on Sep. 13, 1942, with Maria Soltys and the sheltered Szija Grinstam, also a local farmer (see: 576).

679. WOJCIK, Michal from Pawlow, near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Cracow prov.

Murdered with Franciszek Wozniak in the spring 1943, for sheltering Jews and helping in their escape across the river (see: 675).

680. WOJCIK, Michal, 48, from Polom Maly, near Czchow, Tarnow prov. 

He was shot on Dec. 26, 1944 in his own house by the military police from Jurkow, together with the fugitive Mr. Goldfinger.
681. WOJCIK, Zofia, farmer from Radgoszcz, near Dabrowa, Tarnowska, wife
682. WOJCIK, 3 years old, Zofia's child
683. WOJCIK, 2 years old, Zofia's child

Mother and babies shot on Oct. 25, 1942 with the sheltered Jew

684. WOJTOWICZ, Ryszard, from Sadkowice, near Lipsko, Radom prov.
685. WOJTOWICZ, Honorata, Ryszard's wife

They were shot on Jan. 8, 1943 for help rendered to Jews (see: 39-42)

686. WROBLEWSKI, Boleslaw, 51, farmer from Podburze, near Zyradow
687. WROBLEWSKI, Boleslaw's wife

The gendarmes killed them in March of 1941, together with two sheltered Jews, of which one was Mr. Wajnsztok

688. WYDMANSKI, Jozef, farmer, from Krepa, near Miechow, Cracow prov.

Shot by the Gestapo on Sept. 23, 1944 together with at hidden Jew.  The farm was burned down.

689. WYSMULSKI, Zofia, farmer from Moszenki, near Jastkow, Lublin prov.

She gave refuge to 4 Jews in an underground shelter.  Zofia provided food and medicines to 16 more Jews hiding in a nearby forest.  The military police shot her together with the sheltered Jews and Marianna Barszcz, a Wysmolski's employee.  Her husband escaped.  (See 29).

690. * WYSOCKI, Janusz, living in Warsaw

For helping Mieczyslaw Wolski to construct an underground shelter and for his part in giving refuge to 34 Jews, he was arrested on March 7, 1944 and executed in unknown cicumstances.  Posthumously recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations". 

691. WYSOCZANSKI, Mrs., pharmacist from Sokal (now in Ukraine) 

She was murdered in February 1942, together with 3 sheltered Jewish girls