620..* ULMA, Jozef, farmer, living at Markowa, near Lancut, Rzeszow province
621. *ULMA, Wiktoria, wife
622.. ULMA, Antoni, son
623.. ULMA, Barbara, daughter
624.. ULMA, Franciszek, son
625.. ULMA, Marian, son
626.. ULMA, Stanislawa, daughter
627.. ULMA, Wladyslaw, son

All eight (8) members of the family were killed by the Germans in 1943 with the Jews sheltered in their attic:  The Chol family of five (5) people from Lancut, as well as Golda and Layka Goldman with her daughter.  The oldest of the Ulma children was 7 years old and the youngest was 18 months old