610.  * TATOMIR, Jan 49, mason from Jaroslawice, Tarnopol prov. (Ukraine)

With his wife and daughter, he gave refuge to 6 Jews in a shelter dug under his house.  He was killed in 1943.  Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among the Nations"

611.  TOKARCZYK, Regina, 76, living at Pielgrzymka, near Krosno.
612.  TOKARCZYK, Karolina, 41, her daughter

Shot on July 15, 1943 near their home by German police for sheltering Jews

613.  * TOKARZ, Jakub, 46, farmer, from Biedaczow, Rzeszow prov.

Killed in 1942 by the military police from Lezajsk, for sheltering four (4) members of the Hersh Rummler's family, who also perished.  Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among the Nations"

614.  TOKARZ, Jakub, farmer, (another one) from Ptaszkowa, Nowy Sacz prov.

Sentenced to death on May 3, 1944 by the Standgericht of Cracow, for helping Chaim and Shmul Neigreshel

615.  TONKIEL, Stanislaw, living at Karskie, near Repki, Siedlce prov.

Killed on Apr. 1, 1942, with the sheltered Jews, by the military police

616.  TROJANOWSKI, Stanislaw, from Kaweczyn, Skierniewice prov.

Shot in spring of 1944, by Gestapo for sheltering Abraham Rosenberg and  his son, with 4 other Jews.  Died also his friend Jakub Fedorowicz  (see: 122)

617.  TRUSIEWICZ (Christian name unknown) from Oborka, near Cuman (now inUkraine)

Murdered in November 1942 for helping Jews

618.  TRYBURSKI, Jozef, 38, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski Rzeszow prov.

Killed in a mass execution on May 9, 1943 for helping Jews  (see: 70-71)

619.  TYLAWSKI, Anastazja, from Rozdziele, near Gorlice, Krosno prov.

Shot in 1943 for sheltering Leib Jaskow from Mecina