537. SAMOJEDNY, Jan, 56, farmer from Glogow Malopolski, near Rzeszow
538. SAMOJEDNY, Maria, 52, his wife
Shot in their home by German police on Feb. 19, 1943 in Pruszkow, Warsaw province for sheltering Jews.

539. SASKI, Wladyslaw, railway metalworker from Pruszkow, Warsaw prov.
Shot on June 28, 1943 with 24 Poles from the village of Cisie for sheltering Jews (see: 9).

540. * SAWICKI, Emilia, 50, farmer, living at Korolowka, near Borszczow, (now in Ukraine)
541. * SAWICKI, Nikodem, 17, her son
Emilia and her 3 sons have sheltered in 1943-44 the sisters Rena Hausner, Pola Henenfeld and her husband Leon. Shortly after the war the Jews left Korolowka. When Ukrainian bandits came, they, not having found the Jews, murdered Emilia and Nikodem. Both posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

542. SEMIK, Jan Jakub, postman, living at Limanowa, Nowy Sacz prov.
Some Jews were arrested in Limanowa on Sep. 6, 1939 and while being loaded into vehicles, were spat upon and beaten. Semik, able to speak German, tried to intervene, for which he too was shot with the Jews near Mordarka

543. SENDRA, Piotr, 27, gardener, living at Wierbka, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
Murdered by the Gestapo early in January 1943 for co-operation in helping a group of Jews in the home of Maria Rogozinski (see: 514-515).

544. SEDLAKOWSKI, Janina, living at Zwierzyniec, Zamosc prov.
Murdered on Oct. 24, 1942 for help rendered to Jews

545 .SEKOWSKI, Magdalena, living in Przemysl
On a number of occasions she hid in her flat on the corner of Janowska and Grodzka Streets, young Jewish fugitives from Lvov. Jews escaped from the Lvov ghetto to the Lyczakow cemetery, from which her son-in-law, a railway mechanic, brought them to Przemysl. Arrested by the Gestapo in 1942, beaten and tortured, brought to Auschwitz, she soon perished there.

546. * SIEWIERSKI, Stefan, 19, living in Warsaw
He was a socialist activist in a youth organization, captured in May 1940, while conducting Jews out of the ghetto to the woods. He died in the Gestapo jail on Szucha Street in Warsaw, after torture. Posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among Nations".

547. SINIARSKI, Stanislaw, 45, farmer, living at Lutkowka near Mszczonow, Skierniewice prov.
548. SINIARSKI, Marianna, 43, his wife
549. SINIARSKI, Marian Jozef, 16, son
550. SINIARSKI, Irena, 9, daughter
551. SINIARSKI, Edward, 8, son
All were shot on Mar. 10, 1944, by the military police from Mszczonow for sheltering three (3) Jews: the Lipszyc family, who also died.

552. SKALSKI, Stanislaw, 50, teacher living in Leczyca, Plock prov.
Arrested in 1942 by the Gestapo for organizing escapes of Jews. He died from beatings and torture.

553. SKLADOWSKI, Halina, living in Lvov (now in Ukraine)
Sentenced to death by the Galician Standgericht for helping Jews. The announcement was dated: Dec. 14, 1943.

554. SKOCZYLAS, Piotr, living at Rekowka, near Ciepielow, Radom prov.
555. SKOCZYLAS, Leokadia, 8, his daughter
Burned alive on Dec. 6, 1942 by the military policemen in a group of villagers for feeding and sheltering Jews. (see: 243-257)

556..SKOLIMOWSKI, Alfons, 32, farmer from Roguziec, near Mordy, Siedlce prov.
Shot on Mar. 2, 1943 at Roguziec, by the military police for sheltering Jews.

557. SKRZAK, Wojciech, 50, farmer, living at Swiesielice, Radom prov.
Murdered on Dec. 7,1942 in a group of 14 people by the gendarmes from Ciepielow, for helping Jews (see: 84).

558. SKUZA, Stanislaw, living at Ignacow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on Mar. 30, 1943 with Jan Gawrych and Dawid Rutkowski together with a group of Jewish partisans whom they helped (see: 139, 526)

559. SKWARA, Irena, living in Warsaw
Shot as she was leaving Warsaw in Sep. 1944, before the collapse of the Warsaw Uprising, accompanied by Waclaw Turski-Teitelbaum, whom she sheltered and who was killed too.

560. SKWIECINSKI, Eugeniusz, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on June 28, 1943 in a group of 25 villagers for sheltering Jews (see: 84).

561. SKWIRA, Marianna, 40, farmer, living at Swiesielice, Radom prov.
Murdered on Dec. 7, 1942 in a group of 14 people by the gendarmes from Ciepielow, for help in sheltering Jews (see: 19-20).

562. SLEMP, Jan, farmer, living at Dylagowka, near Rzeszow
Arrested on Dec. 30, 1943 for sheltering in his apartment the horse tradesman Majer Zalcman; shot the next day with the Jewish man.

563. SLUJA, Jozef, 31, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
Killed on June 10, 1943, in a mass execution carried out at Hucisko for helping and sheltering Jews (see: 9).

564. SMATER, Marian, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, prov.
565. SMATER, Piotr,

Shot on June 28, 1943, in a group of 25 villagers for sheltering Jews (see: 9)

566. SOCHA, Rozalia, 53, worker, living at Wola Rafalowska, near Chmielnik, Rzeszow prov.

Shot by the gendarmes on Dec. 19, 1942, for sheltering five to six Jews

567. SOJKA, Stanislaw, farmer, from Ksiazniczki, near Michalowice, Kielce prov.

Shot on June 3, 1943 by the military police for trying to hide three (3) Jews during a round-up in his barn at the farm of Stefan Kaczmarski (see: 206)

568. SOKOL, Wladyslaw, living at Wilczyska, near Wola Myslowska, Siedlce prov.

Shot on July 10, 1944 at Zelechow for concealing three (3) Jewish women, among them Maria and Hanka Poplawski, who died with him. Previously he sheltered also the families: Boruchowicz, Wajnberg and Szyfman

569. SOLARZ, Antoni, 42, farmer, living at Biadoliny Radlowskie, near Tarnow

Shot by the Gestapo from Cracow in 1944 for help to Jews; among whom was Naftali Gries, a lawyer from Wojnicz, who died also

570. SOLOWSKI, Jan, farmer, living at Gruszka Zaporoska, near Zamosc
571. SOLOWSKI, Helena, his wife
572. SOLOWSKI, Wanda, 12, daughter
573. SOLOWSKI, Marian, 5, son

The family sheltered a Jewish family of seven (7) persons, in a hideout on their farm. In 1943 the gendarmes from Szczebrzeszyn murdered all of them

574. SOLTYS, Bronislawa, 1 year old, liszcz-Poreba, Tarnow prov.
575. SOLTYS, Janina, 4, her sister, murdered on Nov. 28, 1942 together with their grandmother, Zofia Kmiec, who sheltered Jews (see: 219-220)

576. SOLTYS, Maria, farmer, from Radgoszcz, near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Cracow prov.

Shot by the gendarmes in Radgoszcz on Sep. 13, 1942, with Maria Wojcik and the sheltered Jew, Szija Grinstam, also a local farmer (see: 678)

577. SOSNOWSKI, Aleksander, living at Zawada, near Kaluszyn (incorporated into Ukraine)
578. SOSNOWSKI, Antonina, 17, daughter

Murdered together with 2 daughters of the Jewish local innkeeper: Ucia and Cinnia Fuchs, by some Ukrainian nationalists, on Feb. 24, 1944

579. STARZEC, Wladyslaw, from Szarwark near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Tarnow

Shot on July 5, 1943 at Szarwark, together with neighbors who had also been involved in helping Jews, incl. the Mendala family (see 376-379)

580. STAWARSKI, Bronislaw, from Sieniawa, near Przeworsk, Rzeszow prov
581. STAWARSKI (Christian name uknown) his wife

Bronislaw shot in 1943, with two sheltered Jews (2); his wife was sent to a concentration camp, from which she never returned

582. STEFANEK, Barbara, 72, from Boisko, near Lipsko, Radom prov.

Shot on Nov. 7, 1943, in a group of three (3) persons for help to Jews

583. STELMASZCZYK, Alfred Krzysztof, 19, from Gawartowa Wola, near Warsaw

Shot on Mar. 22, 1943, together with a couple which helped a Jewess

584. STEPNIEWSKI, Jan, 55, from Marchaty, near Piotrkow Trybunalski

Shot on May 6, 1943, in Piotrkow, sentenced to death by a special court for sheltering a Jew

585. STEPNIOWSKI, Eugeniusz, post-office official, living in Nowy Sacz.

Tortured in Mar. 1942 by the local Gestapo head, Hamann, because he systematically destroyed information about Jews. Transferred to the Tarnow prison he died there

586. STRUTYNSKI, Maria, from Drohobycz, (incorporated into Ukraine)

Arrested in her flat in June 1943 by the Gestapo for sheltering with her daughters, Kazimiera and Teresa, thirteen (13) people of Jewish origin, belonging to the Krempel, Hennefeld and Herman families. Taken to a prison in Lvov, she was sentenced to death and shot in Mar. 1944. The daughters escaped, as did one of the sheltered Jews, Lidia Hennefeld

587. SUCHECKI, Jozef, living at Gniewoszow, Radom prov.

Shot in August 1943, together with Jan Wolski, for sheltering Jews, fugitives from the Gniewoszow camp. The warned Jews escaped (see: 666)

588. SURDACKI, Zygmunt, 36, priest, living in Lublin
As the administrator of the Lublin diocese he often used to render help to Jews; he was sent to Auschwitz, where he died in 1941

589. SUSICH, Adam, 53, from Hucisko, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow pr.

Shot in a mass execution of June 10, 1943, for sheltering Jews (see: 19-20)

590. SUSZ, Natalia, from Rudance (incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)

Sentenced to death by the Standgericht of Cracow for helping Jews; public notice issued on Dec. 14, 1943

591. SYGIEWICZ, Witold, civil servant, living in Cracow

Sentenced to death by the Standgericht of Cracow for helping Jews. The public notice dated from Jan. 29, 1944

592. SZABATA, Kazimierz, ca 40, from Majdan Stary, near Ksiezpol, Zamosc prov.

Shot on Dec. 28, 1942 by military police from Bilgoraj, in the house of Jozef Pelc, for whom he worked, mistakenly identified as the son of Anastazja Lubiarz, a neighbor, who has been helping Jews (see: 147, 344-345)

593. SZAFRANSKI, Roman Jan, 64, living in Radom

Arrested with his wife, Jadwiga, for sheltering during 1940-1943 a Jewish girl, Anna Kerc (born in 1937); sent in 1943 to Gross-Rosen where he died. His wife was sent to Ravensbrck, but she survived. The girl died

594. SZCZEPANIAK, Antoni, from Trebaczew, near Sadkowice, Skierniewice pr.
595. SZCZEPANIAK, Stanislaw, his brother
596. SZCZEPANIAK, Wladyslaw, his brother

Shot on Dec. 11, 1943, by military police, together with their neighbor Jan Domeradzki, for giving refuge to a Jewish family during that year. The father of that family was killed also (see: 107)

597. SZCZESNY, Jan, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.

Killed on June 28 in a group of 25 inhabitants for sheltering Jews (see: 9)

598. SZEPIETOWSKI, Katarzyna, 40, living at Podborek, Radom Prov.
599. SZEPIETOWSKI, Jozef, 7, son

They died on July 11, 1943, on the Kowalczyk's family farmyard, shot by gendarmes on the charge of helping Jews (see: 264-266)

600. SZKOTAK, Jozef, living at Zdzary, near Czarna, Tarnow prov.
601. SZKOTAK, Teresa, his wife

Shot in the fall of 1943 in the village of Zdzary, with the sheltered Jews

602. SZLOSSER, Jan, 42, from Ossala, near Baranow Sandomierski, Tarnobrzeg prov.

Shot by gendarmes on July 6, 1943 for co-operation in saving Jews

603. * SZPARKOWSKI, Jozef, ca. 33, living in Warsaw

Denounced by the Volksdeutsche Sowiecki, (see: end of 256) he was killed on May 23, 1943, together with the eight (8) survivors of the ghetto uprising he was sheltering. Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among Nations"

604. SZYPERSKI, Jozefa, from Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.

Killed on June 28, 1943 in a group of 25 villagers for sheltering Jews (see:9)

605. SLADOWSKI, Halina

Sentenced to death by the Galician Standgericht for sheltering Jews. The public notice was issued on Dec. 14, 1943 in Lvov

606. SLEDZ, Helena, living in Warsaw

Arrested on Dec. 2, 1943 together with her relation, Jadwiga Sledz and her sisters for help to Jews. Sent to Pawiak prison, she was shot on Dec. 10, 1943 in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto (see: 607)

607. SLEDZ, Jadwiga, living in Warsaw

Arrested on Dec. 2, 1943 with her sisters Anna Rycerz and Janina Zelichowski, as well as with other relation, Helena Sledz, for help to Jews. Placed in the Pawiak prison, with the others, she was shot on Dec. 10, 1943 in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto (see: 532, 606, 701)

608. SLIWA, Wladyslaw (or Wojciech) 26, former N.C.O., from Kozlowek, near Strzyzow, Rzeszow prov.

Shot by gendarmes with a group of others in June 1943 at Markuszowa village for help to Jews, hiding in the forest (see: 426)

609. SLIWINSKI, Jan 49, worker, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.

Shot by the SS on Feb. 24, 1943 at Paulinow, together with a group of 14 people, victims of a Nazi provocation. (see: 14)