498. RACHTAN, Kazimierz, living in Cracow
Sentenced to death by the Standgericht of Cracow for associating with and helping Jewish people; public announcement dated Jan. 29, 1944.

499. RACHWALSKI, Aleksandra, 35, living at Stara Wies, near Hrubieszow, Zamosc prov.
Shot by the Wehrmacht soldiers with a Jew and his 2-3 years old child
sheltered by her.

500. RACZYNSKI, Piotr, 35, living at Motycz Lesny, near Lublin
Shot by German gendarmes in March 1942 under the charge of aiding Jews.

501. RADOMSKI, Stanislaw, living in Lvov (city incorporated into Ukraine)
Executed on Mar. 7, 1944 in the local Brygidki prison for sheltering a small Jewish girl in Drohobycz.

502. RADWAN, Feliks, living at Koszowka, near Zakopane, Cracow prov.
Sentenced to death for sheltering Jews; verdict passed by the Standgericht of Cracow, at Zakopane, on Jan 29, 1942.

503. RADWANSKI, Anna Danuta, engineer, living at Slatkowice, near Sadowne, Siedlce prov.
Arrested in July 1943 for sheltering a Jewish woman with a 15 years old son, who were killed immediately. Radwanski was taken to the Pawiak prison in Warsaw and then sent to Auschwitz, where she died in April 1944.

504. RADZIK, Stanislaw, 40, farmer from Luzna, near Gorlice, Nowy Sacz prov.
505. RADZIK, Maria, his wife
Stanislaw was shot on Sep. 30, 1943 at Gorlice for sheltering four (4) Jews. His wife was murdered on Jan. 26, 1944, during the investigation.

506. RAFALOWICZ, Adam, 60, living in Radom
Shot on Sep. 18, 1942 for rendering help to Jews.

507. RASZEJA, Franciszek, 46, professor and physician, living in Warsaw
Murdered on July 27, 1942, in the Warsaw ghetto, where he went, with
a permit, called by a patient, Abe Gutmajer; all occupants of that flat were killed.

508. REBIS, Jozef, 61, farmer, living at Polomia, near Tarnow, Rzeszow prov.
509. REBIS, Anna, his wife
510. REBIS, Zofia, 27, daughter
511. REBIS, Wiktoria, 24, daughter
512. REBIS, Karol, 19, son
Murdered during a house search, together with nine (9) Jews whom they sheltered, on Sep. 9, 1943 by the German police from Debica. Killed also were Piotr Gawrys, Zofia Miela, and two other Poles. Together 9 people (see: 140, 382).

513. * ROGINSKI, Janina, living at Wegrow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on June 15, 1943 by the military policemen from Wegrow, who discovered Jews hidden in the barn, incl. Moshe Ptak. Posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

514. ROGOZINSKI, Maria, 40, worker from Wierbka, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
515. ROGOZINSKI, Jan, 5, son
There was a group of Jews sheltered in the cellar of their house. Early in January 1943, when the Rogozinskis were away, volksdeutch neighbours (see: end of 256) brought the Gestapo, who murdered all the Jews together with Piotr Sendra, and Piotr Podgorski. The Gestapo threatened that the whole village would be punished if the Rogozinskis didn't show up, with the result that they were given away to the Germans and were killed on Jan 15, 1943. (see: 473, 543).

516. ROKICKI, Stanislaw, living in a forester's lodge Czarna, near Minsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce prov.
Shot on Mar 13, 1943, together with the five (5) Jews sheltered: Teresa Powazek and her husband, Helena Szpindler and her mother, Abram Slomka, and two (2) fugitive Soviet POW's.

517. ROZANSKI, Maria, living in Radom
Sentenced to death with others on Apr. 3, 1943, by a special court in Radom for helping Jewish women: Ela Szwarcman and Sala Rubinowicz (see: 59-60).

518. RUCHALA, Jozef, living at Librantowa, near Nowy Sacz
519. RUCHALA, Weronika his wife
Shot for supplying food to Jews hiding in a forest.

520. RUDECKI, Maria, 48, owner of an estate at Wodzislaw, near Sedziszow, Kielce prov.
Shot on Apr. 27 for repeated help to Jewish people.

521. RUMAK, Jakub, 34, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
522. RUMAK, Józef, 31
Shot on June 10, 1943 in a mass execution for sheltering Jews at Hucisko (see:19-20).

523. RUMIN, Maria, farmer, living at Popradow, near Nowy Sacz
524. RUMIN, Jan, her son
Shot with the five (5) Jews they sheltered: the Kaufer family from Zawada.

525. RUSIN, Antoni, 41, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Maopolski, Rzeszow prov.
Killed on Mar. 13, 1943 in a group of thirty (30) Poles for helping Jews (see: 49-51).

526. RUTKOWSKI, Dawid, living at Ignacow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on Mar. 30, 1943, together with Jan Gawrych and Stanislaw Skuza and a group of Jewish partisans they helped (see: 139).

527. RUTKOWSKI, Wladyslaw, living at Chodniow, near Biala Rawska, Skierniewice prov.
528. RUTKOWSKI, Genowefa, his wife
Sentenced to death by a special court in Piotrkow, on June 23, 1943, for sheltering Chaim Beleberg and another Jew. Both died with them.

529. RUTKOWSKI, Jozef, living at Tymienica, near Chotcza, Radom prov.
Killed at the end of 1942, with five (5) others for helping Jews (see: 320-322).

530. RYBA, Jozef, 23, living at Jaworze Dolne, near Tarnow, Rzeszow prov.
Murdered on Feb. 4, 1943 with Maria Kaluza and her family for sheltering Jews (see: 208)

531. RYBAK, Katarzyna, 60, from Lipowiec, near Zwierzyniec, Zamosc prov.
Killed for her coincidental presence at the house of Wojciech Kusiak, whose family was murdered for sheltering Jews (see: 311-313).

532. RYCERZ, Anna Maria, living in Warsaw
Arrested on Dec. 2, 1943 with her sisters: Jadwiga Sledz and Janina Zelichowski, and a relation, Helena Sledz, for help rendered to Jews. All four were placed in the Pawiak prison and shot on Dec. 10, 1943 in the ruins of the ghetto (see: 606-607, 701).

533. RYGIEL, Pawel, living at Wierzbica, near Kozlow, Kielce prov.
534. RYGIEL (Christian name unknown) his wife
535. RYGIEL (Christian name unknown) their son
Shot together by gendarmes with Pawel Wandersman and his sister in December 1943, for sheltering Jews (see: 631-632).

536. RZYSKO, Edward, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on June 28, 1943, in a group of 25 Poles for sheltering Jews (see: 9)