405. OBUCHIEWICZ, Piotr, 58, living at Ciepielow, Radom prov.
406. OBUCHIEWICZ, Helena, 35, his wife
407. OBUCHIEWICZ, Wladyslaw, 6, son
408. OBUCHIEWICZ, Zofia, 3, daughter
409. OBUCHIEWICZ, Janina, 2, daughter
410. OBUCHIEWICZ (Christian name unknown), 7-month-old baby
They died on Dec. 6, 1942 when the military police burned 33 villagers alive, from Ciepielow and Rekowka, for sheltering Jews (see: 267-273).

411. OCHMINSKI (Christian name unknown) living at Wola Przybyslawska, near Garbow, Lublin prov.
Burnt alive on Dec. 10, 1942 with four (4) members of his family in a mass execution, carried out at the village where Jews were sheltered (see: 3-6).

412. OLESIUK, Wojciech, 53, farmer, from Chominna, near Lomazy, Biala Podlaska prov.
413. OLESIUK, Stefania, 40, his wife
414. OLESIUK, Piotr, 14, son
415. OLESIUK, Stefan, 9, son
416. OLESIUK, Szymon, 3, son
Shot on Nov. 7, 1943 at Chominna village by the military police from Wisznice for sheltering a Jew, who also perished.

417. OLSZEWSKI, Maria, 42, living at Skornice, near Konskie, Kielce prov.
418. OLSZEWSKI Janina, 30, wife of Henryk
419. OLSZEWSKI, Krystyna, 9, Janina's daughter
420. OLSZEWSKI, Zofia, 1, Janina's daughter
421. OLSZEWSKI, Bogdan, 2, Janina's son
422. OLSZEWSKI, Jan, 5, Janina's son
423. OLSZEWSKI, Marian, 10, Maria's son
424. OLSZEWSKI, Leon, 19, Maria's son
425. OLSZEWSKI, Henryk, 33, Maria's stepson
On April 16, 1943 the Germans discovered eleven (11) members of the Weintraub family sheltered by the Olszewskis in a specially built dugout. Henryk and Leon were taken away by the police and their fate is unknown. The other seven members of the family were killed in their house.

426. OPAROWSKI, Stanislaw, 46, living at Wisniowa, Rzeszow prov.
Shot be gendarmes with a group of people in June 1943 in the village of Markuszowa for rendering help to Jews hiding in the forest (see: 76-78, 467, 608, 694).

427. ORGANISCIAK, Adam, 63, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
428. ORGANISCIAK, Wojciech, 58
429. ORGANISCIAK, Jozef, 37
430. ORGANISCIAK, Aniela, 34
431. ORGANISCIAK, Andrzej, 31
432. ORGANISCIAK, Franciszek, 31
433. ORGANISCIAK, Jozef, 31
Killed on Mar. 13, 1943, in a mass execution in the village Przewrotne for sheltering Jews.

434. OSIKOWICZ, Andrzej, priest, living in Boryslaw (now in Ukraine)
Died in Majdanek concentration camp, having been sent there for helping Jews and for encouraging his parishioners to do the same.

435. OSINSKI, Wladyslaw, 63, living at Jozefow, near Warsaw
Arrested on Oct. 20, 1942 and shot shortly afterwards for help to Jews.

436. OSOJCA, Franciszek, 33, farmer, living at Okol, near Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Kielce pr.
437. OSOJCA, Aniela, 28, his wife
438. OSOJCA, Jan, 2, son
Shot by the gendarmes from Lipsko on Dec. 14, 1942, for help to Jews.

439. OSTROWSKI, Julianna, 80, living at Wolica, near Kozlow, Kielce prov.
Killed in a massacre at her daughter's, Anna Kucharski's house on Jan. 29, 1943, for Kucharski's role in sheltering Jews (see: 294-298).

440. OWCZAREK, Karolina, 38, living at Konary, near Czestochowa
Arrested for help rendered to Jews and sentenced to death by the Sondergericht in Czestochowa, on June 1, 1944. Shot on Nov. 2, 1944.