349. MACHUL, Jan, farmer, living at Cezaryn, near Pulawy, Lublin prov.
Shot on July 3, 1943, together with two (2) Jews he was sheltering.

350. MACHULSKI, Jan, living at Schabojewo, near Zawidz, Plock prov.
Killed by the military police on May 8, 1942 at Schabojewo, for sheltering three (3) Jewish women: Choma Dygala, Alka and Ida Alterowicz.

351. MADEJ, Mieczyslaw, from Dzwonkowice, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
352. MADEJ, Zofia, his wife
353. MADEJ, Krystyna, 2, daughter
Killed by Germans on Jan. 12, 1943 in the house of Zofia's brother, Bronislaw Janus, with his family and six (6) sheltered Jews. (see: 181-183).

354. MADUZIA, Jozef, from Jaworzne Dolne, near Pilzno, Tarnow prov.
Shot by the Gestapo and soldiers of Wehrmacht with a group of four (4) farmers and six (6) sheltered Jews (see: 208).

355. MAJKUT, Antoni, farmer, from Grodzisko Gorne, Cracow prov. Sentenced to death for sheltering Jews. Verdict passed by the Standgericht (special court of the SS and the Police Commander) in Cracow, on Feb. 23, 1944.

356. MALARECKI, Michal, living at Daleszyce, Kielce prov.
Arrested in summer 1943 for transporting Jews, with Stanislaw Furmanek, from Daleszyce to Chmielnik; he died following torture in prison (see: 127).

357. MALEWSKI, Wiktoria, from Lvov (after the war in the Soviet Ukraine)
Sentenced to death for helping Jews; public notice of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police of Dec. 14, 1943.

358. MALCZEWSKI, Jan, living at Dobroszyce, near Radomsko, Piotrkow prov.
Shot at Dobroszyce on Dec. 20, 1943, with Zygmunt Kaczmarek and the Jews they sheltered: Abraham Zelkowicz and his 10 years old son (see: 205).

359. MALICKI, Maria, civil servant at the Census Office, in Warsaw
360. MALICKI (Christian name unknown) her husband, also civil servant there
Sent to Treblinka, at the end of 1942 or beginning of 1943, for supplying, with the help of a parish priest, false documents to Jews, among them to Maria Reichenbach and her sister. Both died there. The priest was executed.

361. MALUS, Zygmunt, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on June 28, 1943 in a group of 25 Poles helping Jews (see: 9).

362. * MANKOWSKI, Tadeusz, 30, living in Warsaw
Sheltered with his son, Zdzislaw, the Jewish boxer Shapshi Rotholz, his wife Maria and their son Ryszard. Having been denounced, perished in the spring of 1944, with Maria Ratholz; the others managed to escape. Tadeusz was awarded posthumously the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

363. MARCINIAK, Stanislaw, from Wojciechowka, near Kloczew, Siedlce prov.
364. MARCINIAK, Zofia, his wife
Shot on Feb. 15, 1943 in their house in which they sheltered seven (7) Jews. One of them escaped, six (6) perished.

365. MARCINIEC, Karolina, from Trzebuska, near Sokolow Malop. Rzeszow prov.
Shot in the summer of 1943, with Agnieszka Galgan, Bartlomiej Gielarowski and five (5) Jewish fugitives from Sokolow (see: 133).

366. * MARCISZCZUK, Jan, 60, farmer, living at Szczurowice, Tarnopol prov.
Together with his wife, Anna and his son Piotr, he hid in a special shelter four (4) Jews: Mendel Friedman with his son Izak and Klara Hart with her 6 years old son, all of whom survived and after the war emigrated. But some Ukrainian nationalists murdered him for that in 1945. Posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

367. MARCZAK, Ludomir, 36, composer and socialist activist, living in Warsaw
Sheltered from the beginning of the occupation dozens of Jews in a special hideout on Swietojerska Street and in his flat on Panska Street in Warsaw. Arrested on Nov. 25, 1943 with 13 Jews and the Polish woman Jadwiga Deneko, he was shot on Dec. 31, 1943 (see 97).

368. MAREK, Karolina, from Zawoja, near Makow Podhalanski, Bielsko prov.

Arrested in May 1943, together with Karol and Tekla Chowaniak, her foster-parents. She was sheltering four (4) Jews. All died in Auschwitz (see: 67-68)

369. MAREK, Wladyslaw, 42 living at Sieprawki, near Jastkow, Lublin prov.
Concealed underneath his barn four (4) Jews: Lejba, Wulwe, Moniek and Sifra. Betrayed, Wladyslaw was arrested on Dec. 8, 1942, with his wife Agnieszka and 5 children. He alone from his family was killed on March 15, 1943; his farm buildings and livestock were burnt. The 4 Jews were not in the shelter that day and thus also escaped.

370. MARGOL, Anna, 50, from Majdan Nowy, near Ksiezpol, Zomosc prov.
Killed with her cousin Jozef Gnidula on Dec. 29, 1942, for helping Jews (see: 147).

371. MARSZAL, Jan, 40, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
Killed in a mass execution on May 9, 1943 for sheltering Jews (see: 70-71).

372. MARZYJANEK, Stanislaw, living at Zadlowice, near Rawa Mazowiecka, Skierniewice prov.
373. MARZYJANEK, Michal, son
Murdered in 1944 at Brzostowka, near Tomaszow Mazowiecki, for sheltering for 18 months Jewish family of four named Cymerman, who died when trying to escape.

374. MAZUREK, Stanislaw, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.
Killed after Feb. 24, in Treblinka, as one of 14 Poles, victims of a provocation several weeks earlier (see: 14).

375. MECH, Jozef, living at Zagorzyce, near Sedziszow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
Shot in 1943 for sheltering Jews.

376. MENDALA, Franciszek, 48, from Szarwark, near Dabrowa Tarnowska, Tarnow prov.
377. MENDALA, Teresa, 40, his wife
378. MENDALA (Christian name unknown) 12, daughter
379. MENDALA (Christian name unknown) 10, son
Killed on July 5, 1943, by the military policemen and Gestapo, for helping Jews hiding in the nearby forest, who, during the winter stayed in the Mendala's home. The bodies of the Mendala family were burnt with their farm buildings. Also perished the mother of Teresa, Wiktoria Wezowicz, and their neighbor, Wladyslaw Starzec (see: 579, 642).

380. MICHALSKI, Jan, farmer, from Zagorzyce, near Miechow, Kielce prov.
381. MICHALSKI, Stanislaw, son
Shot by the gendarmes in March 1943, in a nearby forest, for helping Jews.

382. MIELA, Zofia, maid, living at Polomia, near Tarnow, Rzeszow prov.
Murdered on Sep. 9, 1943, together with the Rebis family for sheltering Jews (see: 508-512).

383. MIGA, Bronislaw, living in Lvov (city incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)
Sentenced to death by the Standgericht (a special court of the commander of the SS and of the Galician District Police) for helping Jews. The public notice was issued on Jan. 28, 1944).

384. MIGIEL, Helena, 20, from Bialy Dunajec, near Nowy Targ, Nowy Sacz prov.
Shot at Ludzmierz on Mar. 6, 1944, with two other women and three men of unknown names, for helping Jews, together six (6) people.

385. * MINIEWSKI, Stefan, farmer, living at Szczurowice, Tarnopol prov.
With members of his family he helped Jews by bringing them food to the woods and keeping two of them on his farm: Izak Parnas and Izak Szterling, who stayed there until the end of the war. However when news spread around how they survived, some Ukrainian nationalists murdered him for that. Awarded posthumously the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

386. MLYNARSKI, Jozef, 34, farmer, from Bystrzejowice, near Piaski, Lublin prov.
He sheltered five (5) Jews including the Honig family, since September 1942, in a dugout under his home. Arrested in Jan. 1943, even though the Germans failed to find the Jews, he was sent to Majdanek where he died.

387. MORAWSKI, Eugeniusz, living in Warsaw
Killed on Apr. 19, when fighting with his a Home Army (AK) unit at the ghetto walls, the first day of its Uprising, attempting to make an opening in the ghetto walls at Bonifraterska Street.

388. MROZKOWSKI, Antoni, living at Ciepielow, Radom prov.
Shot in the winter of 1942-43 near the so-called Gorki (headquarters of the military police at Ciepielow) for "conspiring with Jews".

389. MURZEWSKI, Stanislaw, farmer, from Laskarzew, near Garwolin, Siedlce prov.
Shot by the gendarmes on Dec. 21 1943, under a charge of helping Jews.