320. LASEK, Jan, living at Tymienica, near Chotcza, Radom prov.
321. LASEK, Eugenia, 12, his granddaughter
322. LASEK, Zdzislaw, 14, his grandson
Shot at the turn of 1942, together with Jozef Rutkowski from Tymienica and Grzeszczyk and Lelunek from Zajaczkow, for help offered to Jews (see: 156, 326, 529).

323. LASKA, Pawel, 48, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
Shot on May 9, 1943, with a group of 15 Poles for sheltering Jews (see: 70-71).

324. LATERNER, Rena, over 70, living in Warsaw
During the Ghetto Uprising she and Janina Plawczynski helped Jewish insurgents and passed letters from them to the Polish underground. Following the fall of the ghetto, the two women hid ten (10) insurgents in a shelter they built themselves. Upon discovery, all 12 people were executed (see: 472).

325. LAZAR, Jozef, living at Osobnica, near Krosno
Shot on Jan. 20, 1943 for sheltering two (2) Jews who were also killed while a Jewish woman managed to escape. Lazar's wife, Maria was sent to Auschwitz.

326. LELUNEK (Christian name unknown) from Zajaczkow, near Ciepielow, Radom prov.
Shot with five (5) people, at the turn of 1942 for helping Jews (see: 320-322).

327. LEWANDOWSKI, Wincenty, from Pantalowice, near Kanczuga, Przemysl prov.
328. LEWANDOWSKI, Emilia, his wife
Shot on Dec. 4, 1942 at Pantalowice for helping Jews hiding in the woods and for sheltering them temporarily in their home. A number of villagers were also killed with them. (see: 93-96).

329. LIBROWSKI, Franciszka, over 60, from Kietlin, near Radomsko, Piotrkow prov.
330. LIBROWSKI, Wladyslaw, 35, her son
They were shot by the military police in November 1943, with eight (8) Jews hiding in their barn: the Checinski and Bugajski families. Also killed was Gerwazy Bankowski, sheltering also two of them (see: 33).

331. LIGAS, Franciszek, living at Bystra, Nowy Sacz prov.
Adolf Synaj who came to Ligas seeking shelter, was shot by the Germans in July 1943. Ligas got away, but was soon caught and died in the Montelupich prison in Cracow.

332. LIPINSKI, Tadeusz, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
Shot on June 28, 1943 with a group of 25 Poles for sheltering Jews (see: 9).

333. LUBKIEWICZ, Leon, 59, baker at Sadowne, Siedlce prov.
334. LUBKIEWICZ, Maria, 44, his wife
335. LUBKIEWICZ, Stefan, 25, son
Shot by the military police on Jan. 13, 1943 for supplying bread to Jewish women: Elza and Czapkiewicz from Sadowne, who were killed later.

336. LODEJ, Wojciech, living at Lubien, near Rozprza, Piotrkow prov.
337. LODEJ, Marianna, his wife
They were killed at Lubien on Dec. 14, 1942 by the military police from Ilza, for saving Jews, incl. Chil Brawermann.

338. LODEJ, Wladyslaw, 38, farmer, son of Wojciech and Marianna
Co-organized a camp in the Kutera forest-range for about 40 Jews from Ilza, whom he supplied with food. He was killed on Dec. 31, 1942.

339. LODEJ, Wiktoria, Wladyslaw's wife
340. LODEJ, Edward, 14, son
341. LODEJ, Janina, 12, daughter
342. LODEJ, Wladyslaw, 8, son
343. LODEJ, Stanislaw, 6, son
The entire family was arrested in Lubien on Dec. 21, 1942 and killed in the forest near Ilza for helping Jews.

344. LUBIARZ, Anastazja, 43, farmer, living at Majdan Nowy, Near Ksiezpol, Zamosc prov.
345. LUBIARZ, Maria, 76, Anastazja's mother-in-law
Killed on Dec. 29, 1942 by the military policemen from Bilgoraj, for sheltering Jews. A young woman under their care, tortured and promised her life, betrayed them. The husband and son of Anastazja hid themselves. All the farm buildings were burnt down (see: 147).

346. LUCZYK, Gabriel, farmer, living at Lopuszka Wielka, near Przeworsk, Przemysl prov.
Shot in autumn of 1943 together with seven (7) Jews, hiding in the nearby forest since 1942, whom he had been helping.

347. LUKACZ, Eugeniusz, chemist, living at Lutowiska, Krosno prov.
348. LUKACZ, Janina, his wife.
Arrested in the middle of 1943 for helping three Jewish families: Luterman, Rand and Fish. Eugeniusz died in the Dachau camp and Janina in the Tarnow prison.