174. JABLKOWSKI, Helena, from the Polish Socialist Party, living in Warsaw
Sheltered many Jews, incl. the Bardach family, for which she was arrested on Jan. 6, 1944 and shot soon after.

175. JAJESNICA, Jozef, living at Kalusz, former Stanislawow (town incorporated after the war into the then Soviet Ukraine)
176. JAJESNICA, Maria, his wife
177. JAJESNICA, Jan, 10, son
Maria, owned a brickyard. She allowed four (4) Jews, who escaped from a transport, to take shelter in a building on her property. Pursuing Germans forced all seven into the building and burnt them alive.

178. JAKUBOWSKI, Walentyna, farmer, from Poplawy, near Bransk, Bialystok prov.
Killed on Apr. 12, 1943 by the gendarmes from Bransk; with her died the two Jewish children: Lejb, 11 and Fajwel, 13, Dolinski, protected by her.

179. JANICZEK, Jan, 46, living in Warsaw
Employee of the (PKO) Polish Savings Bank, he gave shelter in his home to the Jew Grossman. Both arrested and perished in Gross-Rosen camp; Janiczek died on Dec. 4, 1944.

180. * JANTON Jan, 31 from Wola Brzostecka, near Brzostek, Tarnow prov.
Supplied food to the Fish family of six (6) persons. They were hiding in the woods: the mother Henia, 60, daughters Baily, 23, and her baby-girl, Rosa, 26, Ester, 28, and her son Moses, 30. All were killed on Dec. 8, 1942 and buried in a common grave in the woods. Janton was awarded posthumously the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

181. JANUS, Helena, 40, wife of Bronislaw, from Dzwonowice, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
182. JANUS, Maria, daughter
183. JANUS, Krzysztof, 3, son
Helena and her husband Bronislaw sheltered two Jewish families: Berlinski and Rusinek, six (6) people. On Jan. 12, 1945 the military police and the Gestapo discovered the Jews and killed everyone present, incl. Bronislaw's sister, Zofia Madej, her husband and her daughter. Only Bronislaw, absent at that time, escaped with his life (see 351-353).

184. JAROSZYNSKI, Bronislaw, living in Stryj (locality incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)
Received a death sentence "for conspiring with Jews" by the Standgericht, a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police. The public announcement was dated Jan. 28, 1944.

185. JASINSKI, Antoni, living in Warsaw
Shot together with the Jewish couple (he, an engineer and she, a dentist) to whom he gave refuge in his flat. The tragedy resulted from the dentist's insufficient caution in selecting patients she treated.

186. JAWORSKI, Rozalia, from Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
187. JAWORSKI (Christian name unknown) 2, daughter
Shot on June 28, 1943 at Ceglow in a group of 25 people for sheltering Jews (see: 9).

188. JELONEK, Jozef, from Zajaczkow, near Ciepielow, Radom prov.
Shot in January 1943 with the family of Gabriel Wolowiec for helping Jews (see: 668-673).

189. JEWTUSIK, Opanas, living in Lvov (city incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)
Received the death sentence by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police (Standgericht) for helping Jews. The public announcement dates from Jan. 28, 1944.

190. JEDRZEJCZYK, Jozef, 27, farmer, living at Matysowka, near Rzeszow
The Gestapo from Tyczyn shot him on Oct.15, 1943 near the police station.

191. JEDRZEJEWSKI, Jozef, 27, living at Matysowka, near Rzeszow
Shot on Oct. 15, 1943 at Tyczyn with a group of Poles, some of whom were brought from surrounding localities, and given the death sentence for helping Jews (see: 211, 443).

192. JOC, Jan, 61, farmer, from Metow, near Lublin
193. JOC, Jadwiga, 57, his wife
Killed in November 1943 for supplying food to Jews hiding in the forest.

194. JOZEFEK, Bronislaw, living in Lvov (city now in Ukraine)
195. JOZEFEK, Kazimierz
196. JOZEFEK, Maria
Sentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police (Standgericht) for sheltering Jews. Their names were published in official announcements issued on Dec. 14, 1943 and Jan. 28, 1944.

197. JUSZCZYK, Franciszek, 55, from Bialobrzegi, Radom prov.
198. JUSZCZYK, Wiktoria, 45, his wife
199. JUSZCZYK, Stefan, 23, son
200. JUSZCZYK, Weronika, 20, daughter
201. JUSZCZYK, Boleslaw, 17, son
202. JUSZCZYK, Helena, 15, daughter
Arrested in September 1942 at Bialobrzegi, together with five (5) Jews sheltered by them; the 11 were shot at Zwolen in the same month.

203. JUZBA, Tomasz, living at Radgoszcz, Tarnow prov.
204. JUZBA, Bronislawa, his wife
Bronislawa, being in her eighth month of pregnancy, was shot on Nov. 28, 1942 by the military police for sheltering two Jews on their farm. Others executed at the same time included Anna Kmiec with her son and grandchildren: Bronislawa and Janina Soltys (see: 219-220, 574-575) as well as other unidentified persons.