165. HANAS, Mikolaj, living at Zagorze, near Sanok, Krosno prov.
Shot in March 1943 by the railway police (Bahnschutzpolizei) with the Jews he sheltered: Lew Bank and Eliasz Margolis.

166. HENDOSZKO, Stanislaw, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.
While digging trenches he was shot on Feb. 24, 1943, as one of the 14 people, victims of a Nazi agent provocateur (see: 14).

167. HOLTZER, Jozef, 69, landowner, at Celestynow, near Rachanie, Lublin prov.
168. HOLTZER, Marianna, 61, his wife
The military policemen from Rachanie killed them on Nov. 2, 1942, for trying to protect 12 Jews, by employing them legally on their lands. The Jews were also killed with them.