122. FEDEROWICZ, Jakub, living at Kaweczyn, Skierniewice prov.
Shot in the spring of 1944, for sheltering Abraham Rosenberg and his son, as well as other Jewish people. Also shot was Stanislaw Trojanowski, his associate and the Jews, of which only one succeeded in getting away (see: 616) .

123. * FILIPEK, Katarzyna, 47, farmer, from Tokarnia, near Nowy Targ, Cracow
Murdered in January 1944, result of a denunciation. Since June 1943 she sheltered six (6) Jews: Samuel Szternlicht, his two daughters, a son-in-law and two grandchildren, who died with her. She was posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations".

124. FIUTKOWSKI, Franciszek, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.
Arrested and executed in a group execution on June 28, 1943, for help to Jewish people (see: 9).

125. FOLTA, Szymon, living at Jankowice, near Chlopice, Przemysl prov.
He was shot by the military police, together with five (5) Jews he was sheltering: Jeremiah Nadel, Necha Nadel with her 7 years old daughter, Mila, and two seamstresses: Regina Amada, 28 and Dora Ring, 35.

126. FORELLE, Maria, 61, from Celestynow, near Otwock, Warsaw prov.
She was shot on Mar. 31, 1944, with the Jewish woman whom she sheltered since the beginning of the German occupation.

127. FURMANEK, Stanislaw, living at Daleszyce, Kielce Prov.
Executed in the Kielce prison in summer of 1942, for transporting Jews by horse and cart, in the company of Michal Malarecki, to the town of Chmielnik, where Jewish people might hide more safely (see: 356).