89. * DABOWSKI, Krzysztof, 44, farmer, from Dlugoleka, near Knyszyn, Bialystok
In connection with the sheltering -since September 1942- of seven (7) Jews from Knyszyn, he was shot on May 5, 1945. They were: Ber Slodki with his wife Fruma, their daughter Szosza and son-in-law Abram Krawiec, a rabbi; Gerson Krawiec, his wife Lenta and their son, Szmuel. All of them left Poland after the war. Dabowski was killed by bandits who demanded large sums of money from him, which, they thought, he must have earned for sheltering Jews. Posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations"

90. DABROWSKI, Maria, headmistress of the school in Wlodzimierz Wolynski (town incorporated after the war into Ukraine)
Though known before the war for her anti-Semitic views, she began sheltering Jews in her home, following the German occupation in 1941, 18 people were found in her villa in April 1944, including a paralyzed old woman, an invalid without a leg and a blind girl. Tortured by the Gestapo, she did not reveal the identity of those who had been helping her, and she was shot with the people she had been sheltering.

91. DABROWSKI, Boleslaw, farmer, from Samokleski, near Kamionka, Lublin prov.
Having sheltered more than twelve (12) Jews in his home and on his farm, he was shot together with the Jews during a raid organized by the German military police on the village, on Jan. 31, 1943

92. DABROWSKI, Marcin, from Cisie, near Ceglow. Siedlce prov.
He was killed by the military police, together with 24 other Poles from the village of Cisie, for sheltering Jews (see 9).

93. DEC, Bronislaw, from Hadle Szklarskie, near Kanczuga, Przemysl prov.
94. DEC, Stanislaw, brother
95. DEC, Tadeusz, brother

96. DEC, Wadyslaw, brother, living at Pantalowice, near Kanczuga
The Dec brothers, together with other inhabitants of Pantalowice and
Hadle Szklarskie, helped and provided food to Jews who were hiding in the surrounding woods. One of the latter, Malka Szinfeld, who was captured by the Nazis, unable to withstand the interrogation, gave away the names of the Poles who were helping them. On Dec. 4, l942 the following were detained and executed beside the Dec brothers: Zofia Kubicki, Zofia and Jakub Kuszek, Emilia and Wincenty Lewandowski (see: 293, 315-316, 327-328).

97. * DENEKO, Jadwiga, born SALEK, 32, living in Warsaw
She took care of many fugitives from the Warsaw ghetto, thus co-operating with Ludomir Marczak. Arrested on Nov. 25, 1943, together with the sheltered Jewish family, she was shot on Jan. 6, 1944 in the ghetto ruins. Posthumously awarded the medal: "Righteous Among the Nations" (see: 367).

98. DEBEK, Wiktoria, 40, living at Czernie, near Garwolin, Siedlce prov.
Murdered by the Gestapo on June 29, 1942, together with eleven (11) Jews of unknown identity, sheltered on her property

99. DEBSKI, Emilia, living in Kolomyja (incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)

100. DEBSKI's housekeeper (identity unknown)
Sheltered eleven (11) people of Jewish origin including the family of the dentist Gottfryd and three (3) members of the family Karpel. These last managed to escape, but all others were shot

101. DLUGOPOLSKI, Wladyslaw, 35, from Spytkowice, near Oswiecim, Cracow
He was arrested on Jan. 14, 1943 for help rendered to Jews, jailed at Zakopane, later transferred to the Plaszow camp and then to the Montelupi prison in Cracow and shot there on May 28, 1944

102. DOBRON, Bronislaw, 28, farmer, from Swiesielice, Radom prov.
The gendarmes from Ciepielow murdered him on Dec. 7, 1942, in a group of 14 Poles for help rendered to Jews (see: 84).

103. DOMAGALA, Piotr, living at Dobra, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
The military police shot him in autumn of 1942, together with the sheltered Jews, incl. among them Kajla born Janic. His wife managed to escape

104. DOMANSKI, Piotr, 76, farmer, from Rzazew, near Zbuczyn, Siedlce prov.
105. DOMANSKI, Franciszek, 37, farmer, son

106. DOMANSKI, Antoni, 32, farmer, son
Shot by the military police on Apr. 8, 1943 for sheltering Jews and partisans

107. DOMERADZKI, Jan, from Trebaczew, near Sadkowice, Skierniewice prov.

He was shot on Dec. 11, 1943 with his neighbors, the Szczepaniak family, for helping a Jewish family. The father of this family was also shot, but the fate of the remaining family members is unknown (see: 594-596)

108. DRAG, Andrzej, 48, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.

109. DRAG, Wojciech, 42
Shot for sheltering Jews on Mar. 13, 1943 in the village of Przewrotne in a group execution (see: 49-51)

110. DRAG, Franciszek, 31, from Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski

Shot on June 10, 1943 in the village of Hucisko (see: 19-20).

111. DRYGA, Zygmunt, 54, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.
A SS unit shot him at Paulinow on Feb. 24, 1943, together with a group of people, victims of a Nazi agent provocateur (see: 14)

112. DUDKIEWICZ, Aleksander, from Gniazdowo, near Lochow. Siedlce prov.
Killed in autumn of 1942 at Gniazdowo with a Jewish fugitive, Frydman

113. DWORAK, Katarzyna, 60, from Hucisko, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow
114. DWORAK, Maria, 56
115. DWORAK, Michal, 57
116. DWORAK, Anna, 30
117. DWORAK, Jan, 29
118. DWORAK, Anna, 21
119. DWORAK, Stefania, 16
120. DWORAK, Zofia, 52, living at Przewrotne, near Glogow Malopolski

All were killed on June 10, 1943 at Hucisko, in a group execution, for sheltering Jews (see: 19-20)

121. DZIAK, Antoni, living at Bedzienica, near Iwierzyce, Rzeszow prov.
Arrested and later executed on Oct. 27, 1943 for sheltering five (5) Jewish males: the three young Bendys brothers, Faust, 30 and Meler, 40. Dziak's wife, Zofia, escaped.