15. BACZEWSKI, Honorata, 30, teacher living in Lublin

She was an underground liaison officer and the AK (Home Army) press carrier. Ukrainian nationalist murdered her early in 1945 for sheltering Jews.

16. BANASZEK, Marianna, 50, living in Pustelnik, near Marki, Warsaw prov.
17. BANASZEK Stanislawa, daughter
18. BANASZEK, Wladyslaw, son

The Banaszeks were killed in October 1943 for hiding a Jewish family of three. This Jewish family, informed of the threat of a raid on the house, luckily escaped.

19. BARAN, Adam, 29, living at Hucisko, near Glogow Malopolski, Rzeszow prov.
20. BARAN Szczepan, 36

On June 10, 1943 the German military police from Rzeszow surrounded the village of Hucisko and murdered 21 of its inhabitants and of the neighboring village of Przewrotne, for sheltering Jews. Died also: Franciszek Beskur, Jadwiga Chezalik, Franciszek Drag, Anna Dworak and seven (7) members of her family: Anna, Jan, Katarzyna, Maria, Michal, Stefania and Zofia. Also Adam, Jozef and Marcin Gut, Marcin Kolano, Jakub and Jozef Rumak, Jozef Sluja and Adam Susich. The Germans burnt down 17 homes and numerous service buildings (see: 31, 61, 110, 113-120, 161-163, 222, 521-522, 563, 589). Similar measures were carried out twice in the village of Przewrotne (see: 49-51, 70-71)

21. BARAN, Rozalia, from Modrych, near Hrubieszow, Zamosc prov.

In December 1942 she was beaten up and then murdered for giving her own Kennkarte to a Jewish woman, who, using it, went to work in Germany, was recognized and captured

22. BARANEK, Wincenty, 46, farmer, from Siedliska, near Miechow, Kielce prov.
23. BARANEK, Lucja, 35, his wife
24. BARANEK, Henryk, 12, son
25. BARANEK, Tadeusz, 10, son
26. BARANEK, Katarzyna, mother of Wincenty

The Baraneks were killed by the military police on March 15, 1941 together with Katarzyna Kopec, mother of Lucja and the Jews they were sheltering: Pinczowski, Skowron, Sybirski and Weitzman (see: 228)

27. BARGLIK, Maria, 51, farmer, from Tokarnia, Cracow prov.

Killed on March 6, 1944, following the sentence passed by the Sondergericht (a special court) at Szaflary for sheltering the six members of the Samuel Steinberg family.

28. BARGLIK, Stefan, from Tokarnia, Cracow prov.

Shot on the strength of the special court verdict of the SS and police commander (Standgericht) in Cracow for "fostering Jews and sheltering them". The execution of the verdict was pronounced on Feb. 21, 1944

29. BARSZCZ, Marianna, 16, from Moszenki, near Jastkow, Lublin prov.

She was an employee of Marian and Zofia Wysmulski, farmers, who concealed in an underground shelter four (4) Jews, while providing also others with food and medicines. On Sept. 25, 1943, Germans shot her as well as Zofia Wysmulski and the Jews they protected (see: 689)

30. BERSKI, Jerzy, living in Warsaw

He fell in combat against Germans in April 1943, during the offensive near the Warsaw ghetto walls, organized by the People's Guard (GL)

31. BESKUR, Franciszek, 35, from Przewrotne, near Glogow, Rzeszow prov.

On June 10, 1943 in the village of Hucisko, he died in a mass execution for sheltering Jews (see: 19-20).

32. BIELNIAK, Franciszek, 32, shoemaker, from Glebokie, near Biecz, Krosno pr.

The Gestapo shot him on Jan. 14 1943 for rendering help to Jews

33. BIENKOWSKI, Gerwazy, from Kietlin, near Radomsko, Piotrkow prov.

Executed in November 1943 with Wladyslaw and Franciszka Librowski for his part in sheltering two Jews: Checinski and Bugajski (see: 329-330)

34. BOBEL (Christian name unknown) from Luck (now in the Ukraine)
35. BOBEL's mother

Mother and daughter were killed in the fall of 1943 for hiding the Jewish owner of a local brewery, who having been warned, managed to escape

36. BOBROWSKI, Jan, 50, farmer, from Lipiny, near Pilzno, Tarnow prov.

Killed in March 1943 for hiding Jews; his farmstead was burnt down

37. * BOGDANOWICZ, Anna, living in Jaslo, Krosno prov.

Arrested at the end of November 1942 for sheltering Sara Diller, who survived. Tortured, she perished soon after in Auschwitz. Posthumously awarded by Yad Vashem the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations"

38. BOGUCKI (Christian name unknown) from Pastewnik, near Borszczow (locality incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)

Widow of the local butcher, Karol Bogucki, arrested in June 1943, killed in Czortkow for sheltering eleven 11 Jews (11). She left behind three (3) orphans

39. BOREK, Stanislaw, farmer, living at Sadkowice near Lipsko, Radom prov.
40. BOREK, Helena, his wife
41. BOREK, Czeslaw, son
42. BOREK, Piotr

On Jan. 8, 1943 they were shot for helping Jews. Together with them perished their daughter, Honorata, with her husband Ryszard Wojtowicz. (see: 684-685)

43. BOROWY, Czeslaw, manual worker, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.

He was shot on Feb. 24, 1943 as one of the 14 persons, victims of a provocation by a Nazi agent, who earlier pretended to be a Jew (see 14).

44. BORYCKI, Stanislaw, 44, farmer, from Boisko, near Lipsko, Radom prov.
45. BORYCKI, Zofia, 38, his wife
46. BORYCKI, Zbigniew, son

On Jan 2, 1943, they were killed for helping Jews. Their homestead was burnt down. Killed also were three (3) persons of the Krawczyk family (see: 279-281)

47. BRAJA, Wladyslaw, living at Rowne, near Dukla, Krosno prov.

Executed in August or September 1943 for harboring three Jews (3)

48. BRONISLAWSKI, Edward, living in Warsaw

On Apr. 21, 1943, as a liaison officer of the People's Guard (GL) he tried to supply guns to the Jewish ghetto and was killed. His wife Wiktoria and his son Zbigniew were arrested. Their fate is unknown

49. BRUDZ, Antoni, 24, from Przewrotne, near Glogow. Rzeszow prov.
50. BRUDZ, Wojciech, 34
51. BRUDZ, Walenty, 57

On Mar. 13, 1943 German police, under Gestapo supervision, killed around 30 people in the village of Przewrotne for sheltering Jews. Along them were killed: Andrzej, Franciszek and Wojciech Drag; Michal Gawel; Adam Organisciak and six members of his family: Andrzej, Aniela, Franciszek, Jozef (born in 1906), Jozef (born in 1912) and Wojciech; Lukasz and Wojciech Pomykala, Antoni Rusin, Jan Walc, Franciszek Wanoska, Franciszek and Jozef Wilk. (see: 108-110, 136, 427-433, 476-477, 525, 629, 633, 650-652). Other names are unknown. A second execution at Przewrotne took place on May 9, 1943 (see: 70-71) as well as in the nearby village of Hucisko on June 10, 1943 (see: 19-20).

52. BRUHL, Hanna, living at Milanowek, Warsaw prov.

The military police from Grodzisk shot her on May 17, 1943, in the "Anielin" villa of Milanowek, together with the four Jews she concealed.

53. BRUST, Jan, living at Rakow, near Czestochowa

Shot in the first half of 1944 at the Hassag-Eisenhütte A. G. camp, for distributing food and money and passing correspondence to Jewish inmates, as part of the campaign carried by the Relief Council for Aid to Jews

54. BRYNKUS, Cyryl, 44, from Spytkowice, near Auschwitz, Cracow prov.

He was arrested on Nov. 15, 1943 for help to the Jewish population; jailed in Zakopane, transferred to Plaszow camp and then to Montelupich prison in Cracow. Shot there on May 28, 1944

55. * BRYS, Johan, railway man, living in Sosnowiec, Katowice prov.

Helped fugitives from the Sosnowiec ghetto, and transported some of them to Hungary; arrested in 1944 by the Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz, he died there. Posthumously awarded the medal of "Righteous Among the Nations"

56. BRZOZOWSKI, Zofia, living at Kobylka, Warsaw prov.

Shot on Sep. 1, 1943 by the Gestapo, together with two Jewish men, sheltered on her estate; one of them was Goldberg, owner of the tannery in Wolomin.

57. BRZOZOWSKI, Jan, 16, from Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.

He was shot on Feb. 24, 1943, as one of the 14 persons, victims of a Nazi agent provocateur (see 14).

58. BUSZKO, Henryk, 30, farmer, living at Liza Stara, near Bialystok

On Sep. 21, 1943 he was murdered by the gendarmes from Pietkowo, for helping Jews, hiding after their escape from the train to the Treblinka.

59. BUZOWICZ, Wincenty, living in Radom
60. BUZOWICZ, Anna, his wife

A special court in Radom sentenced them to death for helping two Jewish women: Sala Rubinowicz and Else Schwarzman. Also sentenced to death for the same reason were: Wiktoria Paduch, Jan Pinkus, Zenon Polonski and Maria Rozanski. (see: 442, 466, 475, 517)