1. ABRAMEK, Wladyslaw, 20, living at Wola Przybyslawska, near Garbow, Lublin prov.

Killed on Dec. 10, 1942, while staying at his cousin's home, Jozef Aftyka, who sheltered Jews. (see: no. 3-6)

2. ADAMCZYK, Stanislaw, living at Lacko, Nowy Sacz prov.

Wladyslaw Gleb, the German town mayor of Mszana Dolna, beat him to death in the spring of 1943 for sheltering a Jew.

3. AFTYKA, Jozef, 54, living at Wola Przybyslawska, near Garbow, Lublin prov.

4. AFTYKA, Aniela, 52, Jozef's wife

5. AFTYKA, Marianna, 14, daughter

6. AFTYKA, Zofia, 17, daughter

They were murdered on Dec. 10, 1942 together with a group of Jews sheltered by them and with Wladyslaw Abramek. On the same day, Czeslaw and Leonard Gawron from the same village were also killed together with Aniela and Stanislaw Kaminski, 5 members of the Nalewajka family and five (5) others of the Ochminski family - a total of 19 people (see: 1, 137-138, 209-210, 390-391, 411)

7. AMBROZY, Marianna, 75, living at Podborek, Radom prov.

Died on July 11, 1943, together with the Kowalczyk family, shot on the charge of helping Jews (see: 264-266)

8. ANICET (i.e. priest Wojciech KOPLINSKI) 66, chaplain of the monastery in Miodowa Street in Warsaw. Arrested on Oct. 16, 1941 for aiding Jews and died the same year at Auschwitz.

9. ARASZKIEWICZ, Aleksandra, living at Cisie, near Ceglow, Siedlce prov.

A sizable group of Jews from Ceglow took refuge in the village of Cisie, among them: Esther, Yoyne Mendel and the baby Jablonka Goldstein as well as Jews who escaped from the "death trains" to Treblinka, via Ceglow. On June 28, 1943 raids were carried out in the village by the military police from Minsk Mazowiecki, during which 25 Poles, incl. railway workers, were snatched from their homes and murdered, together with numerous Jews they sheltered: Aleksandra Araszkiewicz, Marcin Dabrowski, Franciszek Fiutkowski, Aleksander Gasior, Henryk Gergera, Rozalia Jaworski with her 2 year old daughter, Tadeusz Lipinski, Zygmunt Malus, Stanislaw Pezyk, Tomasz and Sylweriusz Platek, Edward Rzysko, Wladyslaw Saski, Eugeniusz Skwiecinski, Marian and Piotr Smater, Jan Szczesny, Jozefa Szyperski, Aleksandra, Jan and Mieczyslaw Wasowski, Wladyslaw Wojcicki, Jan Zaganczyk and Ludwik Zajac. Wieslaw Walczewski was arrested the same day, but shot in January 1944. The village was burnt down. (See: 92, 124, 141-142, 186-187, 332, 361. 456, 470-471, 536, 539, 560, 564-565, 597, 604, 630, 635-637, 677, 693, 696)

10. ARCHUTOWSKI, Roman, priest, rector of the Archdiocesan Seminary in Warsaw.

Sent to the Majdanek camp for aiding Jews; died after torture in Oct. 1943

11. ARCISZEWSKI, Albin, 45, living at Orlicz, near Garbow, Lublin prov.

He was executed in September 1943 for helping Jews from the camp at Antopol; he tried to save Dr. Czerniak, his wife and 2 daughters, Isaac Elfenstein, Lena Mazurski and Itka Wolyniec

12. AUGUSTYN, Jozef, living at Szerzyny, Tarnow prov.
13. AUGUSTYN, Jozefa, his wife

The couple sheltered 3 Jews from Szerzyny, the family of Elias and Hersh Haskel, shot together with them on Feb. 4, 1944 by German military police

14. AUGUSTYNIAK, Franciszek, 30, worker, living at Paulinow, near Sokolow Podlaski, Siedlce prov.

On Feb. 24, 1943, an SS unit shot him together with a group of 13 people, victims of a provocation: several weeks earlier they rendered help to a Nazi agent, who pretended to be a Jewish fugitive. Also killed: Zygmunt Dryga, Franciszek Kirylski, Jozef, Ewa and Stanislaw Kotowski, Stanislaw Piwko, Jan Sliwinski, Aleksandra Wiktorzak (see: 111, 216, 259-261, 469, 609, 648) Stanislaw Kusiak and Stanislaw Mazurek died in the Treblinka camp (see 314, 374). Czeslaw Borowy, Jan Brzozowski and Stanislaw Henduszko were also killed (see: 43, 57, 166)